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2015 Water Quality Report
Water Sense 

Current Drinking Water Conservation Level is Yellow    

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It is the mission of the City of Crystal Lake Public Works Department to maintain the highest standard of service through careful planning and efficient execution of service to guarantee that residents and visitors to this community can enjoy a superior quality of life.

The Public Works Administration Division coordinates and oversees the Water & Sewer, Wastewater, Streets and Fleet & Facilities Divisions. Combined, the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining public roadways, vehicles and buildings, operating an award winning wastewater treatment system, and providing the highest quality of drinking water to residents. This team provides an indispensable public service to ensure that Crystal Lake continues to be a great place to live and work.


Department of Public Works
Streets Division
Water Division
Wastewater Division
Sewer Division
Fleet & Facility Services Division

To Contact the Public Works Department, Please Call (815) 356-3614.

Water and Sewer Rates

The Crystal Lake Public Works Department takes pride in the quality of drinking water and sewer services that we are able to provide to residents. The impeccable quality and the affordable user rates make these services a bargain for City residents. To view the current Water and Sewer Rates Ordinance please click here.

WaterSense Appliances

The City of Crystal Lake is 100% dependant on groundwater as its water source.  This finite resource must be conserved and protected for the next generation.  By installing water efficient fixtures and reducing indoor water use, our residents could generate a notable decline in water demand. For example, if all outdated toilets in Crystal Lake were updated to water efficient toilets, the demand to the water system may be reduced by up to 90,000 gallons of water per day.

For a list of water efficient appliances and fixtures, visit

Utility Work in City Right-of-Way

If you are a public utility, and would like to apply for a permit to conduct work in the City’s right-of-way, please use the City’s ROWay online permit system. You can access the ROWay permit system at