Sign Replacement Program

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City of Crystal Lake Public Works Department

Sign ReplacementLarry Zurek, Street Division Superintendent
Office: (815) 356-3700 ext. 4019
Fax: (815) 356-3677

Streets Division,
2007-2012 Sign Replacement Program

This program shall set forth the standards created by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regarding traffic control devices. In the early 1990’s the FHWA required all state and local agencies to adopt and comply with the directives outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The Crystal Lake Public Works Streets Division has established a Sign Replacement Program to bring into compliance all of the traffic control signs within the City of Crystal Lake. This program will proceed from FY-2007 through FY- 2012. Each Fiscal Year will be outlined in the program.

The Sign Replacement Program will involve upgrading and replacing all of the current traffic control signs; sign face materials, and signs posts. It will assist in the development and creation of a traffic control sign inventory for future expansion and routine maintenance issues. The information will be collected using GPS technology, which will be integrated with the City’s GPS mapping system.


The Sign Replacement Program will proceed from 2007 through 2012.
Each year is outlined as follows:

Main Arterials (2007-2008)

Barlina Rd McHenry Ave. to Huntley Rd.
Miller Rd. Randall Rd. to Swanson Rd.
Swanson Rd. Miller Rd. to Ackman Rd.
Huntley Rd. Ackman Rd. to Lakewood village Limits
Golf Course Rd. Miller Rd to Barlina
Pingree Rd. Crystal Lake Ave. to James R. Rakow Rd.
Crystal Lake Ave. Pingree Rd. to Rt. 14
McHenry Ave. Rt. 14 to Randall Rd.
Main St. Rt. 176 to Rt. 14
Congress Parkway Main St. to Pingree Rd.
Dole Ave. Woodstock St. to Lake Ave.
Woodstock St Rt. 14 to Walkup Ave.
Walkup Ave. Rt. 176 to Crystal Lake Ave.
North Ave. Briarwood Rd. to Lakewood Village Limits
Briarwood Rd. North Ave. to Rt. 176
*Rt. 14. Rt. 176 to Rt. 31
*Rt. 176 Rt. 14 to Terra Cotta Rd.

*IDOT (need clarification from IDOT to upgrade signs that intersect roadways)

Secondary Roadways (2008-2009)

Downtown Woodstock St., Williams Rd., Brink St., Grant St.
Oak St. Shipland Dr. to Crystal Lake Ave.
Crystal Ridge Dr Oak St. to Walkup Ave.
Erick St. Rt. 176 to Crystal Lake Ave.
Pomeroy St. Crystal Lake Ave. to Rt. 14
Three Oaks Rd. Pingree Rd. to E. Monticello Way
Sands Rd. Three Oaks Rd. to Rt.14
Berkshire Dr. McHenry Ave. to Virginia Rd.
Coventry Ln. Dartmoor Dr. to Rt.14
Darlington Ln. Dartmoor Dr. to Virginia Rd.
Nottingham Ln. Dartmoor Dr. to Lincolnshire Dr.
Country Club Rd. Wedgewood Dr. to Lake Ave.
Waterford Cut Golf Course Rd. to Huntley Rd.
Amberwood Dr. Ackman Rd. to Golf Course Rd.
Dartmoor Dr. Golf Course Rd. to Cardiff Dr.
Alexandra Blvd. Randall Rd. to Swanson Rd.
Village Rd. Randall Rd. to Swanson Rd.
Brompton Ln. Alexandra Blvd. to Village Rd.
Driftwood Ln. Alexandra Blvd. to Village Rd.

 Section 1 (2009-2010)

Northeast section of Crystal Lake bounded by:

North of Rt. 176
East of Rt. 14
West of Rt. 31
South of Hillside Dr.

Section 2 (2010-2011)

Southeast section of Crystal Lake bounded by:

North of Rakow Rd.
East of Rt. 31
West of Rt. 14 / McHenry Ave.
South of Rt. 176

Section 3 (2011-2012)

Northwest section of Crystal Lake bounded by:

North of Barlina Rd.
East of Rt. 47
West of Rt. 14 / McHenry Ave.
South of Rt. 176

Section 4 (2012-2013)

Southwest section of Crystal Lake bounded by:

North of Miller Rd.
East of Huntley Rd.
West of McHenry Ave. / Randall Rd.
South of Barlina Rd.